a typical day at jamie's painting & design

Next I will discuss the artist and explain to the students what the project is they are going to create.  My philosophy is that project based teaching is best for my art projects.  That being said there will always be stages in the process that will let the children use their creativity & make art project their own.

Lastly each student will work on their own projects, usually finishing project art in the allotted time.

When the students arrive they are welcomed into the studio by myself or one of my assistants.  They are given a smock to help protect their clothing.  If the class is after school they are offered a light snack & drink.  

After the class is seated & settled we will start the lesson.  Each class revolves around a famous artist, a sculptor, possibly an architectural style or even an jewelry maker. With this broad stroke of teaching all different artists, artisans & craftspeople I hope to open up their minds to the wonderful world of creative types.