In May of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order, a friend asked me if I could put together an art project for her family to do for Mother's Day.  I quickly wrote a new art lesson and put together all of the art supplies she would need. The art project was such a hit with her family she ordered another set.  She then convinced me to consider this as an extension of my business while my art classes were temporarily on hold. 

The "At Home Art Kit" was created so children (and adults) could enjoy making amazing art, while at home.

The "At Home Art Kit" is a complete kit featuring some of my more popular art projects and some new ones, as I continue to create them.  These art projects are designed to be done by artists of all ages (even adults will be able to follow along). 

Each kit includes: a detailed step-by-step art lesson, a template, a wrapped canvas, paint, a cup for water, a paint palette, an art pocket with paintbrushes, art tools, a pencil, permanent markers and any other materials (like glitter).


Cost: "The At Home Art Kit is $20.00 per kit (does not include

shipping cost if necessary).  Local families have the option of 

picking them up at my art studio.  Payment can be in the form 

of cash, check or Venmo.

To place an order please email directly. 

I will continue to add new art lessons, so check my website,

my JPD Facebook page and my JPD Instagram regularly.

Remember it is FUN art, not FINE art!

~Miss Jamie

Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea for

a specific project, or would like to learn how to draw something.


Georgia O'Keeffe was one of the most influential female artists of the 20th century, making a major contribution to Modern Art.  She is best known for her paintings of large flowers, New York skyscrapers and New Mexico landscapes.  This art project includes 3 templates and step-by-step instructions, and photographs on how to paint realistic succulent plants.                            

Piet mondrian pizza box art

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.  He is mostly known for being one of the pioneers of Abstract Art.  This art project is unique as you will be painting on on a 10 x 10 white pizza box.  The kit includes a pizza slice template, and step-by-step instructions, and photographs on how to re-create a Mondrian painting.

Wayne thiebaud 2 gumball machines

Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter mostly known for his colorful paintings depicting common place objects.  He uses heavy pigment and exaggerated colors to depict his subjects and well defined shadows are almost always included in his work.  This kit includes two gumball machine templates, and step-by-step instructions, and photographs on how to re-create Thiebaud's famous painting.

Frozen II Winter wonderland 

Frozen II is a 2019 American 3D computer animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.  It is a sequel to the successful 2013 film, Frozen.  The kit includes templates and step-by-step instructions and photographs on how to paint a realistic painting of Elsa using her magical powers....and lots of glitter.


​​Helen Frankenthaler was an American abstract expressionist painter.  She made a major contribution to the history of postwar American painting.  Frankenthaler exhibited her work for over six decades and continued to produce new artwork until the day she died.  This kit includes templates and step-by-step instructions, and photographs on how to blend colors of the rainbow on a colorful painting of a pug.  

Georges Seurat Eiffel Tower

Georges Seurat was a French post-Impressionist painter and excellent draftsman.  He is known for his innovative use of creating the painting technique known as pointillism.  This kit includes a template and step-by-step instructions and photographs on how to to use different art tools to mimic pointillism and create realistic glitter fireworks. 

museum of ice cream sundaes

Museum of Ice Cream or MOIC started in Manhattan, New York City, is an interactive art exhibit with ice cream and candy themed exhibits.  Everything is brightly colored, in a maze of rooms containing things like a rock-candy cave, a large unicorn and the most popular exhibit, a swimming pool full of rainbow sprinkles.  This kit includes a template and step-by-step instructions, and photographs on how to paint a colorful banana split sundae topped with special 3D whip cream paint.

the doors of dublin

The bright colored doors of Georgian buildings have become an important and instantly recognizable symbol of Dublin, Ireland.  The doors regularly appear on postcards, posters, artwork and social media sites.  The kit  includes three templates of the iconic Dublin doors and step-by-step instructions, and photographs to help you create an amazing painting of 3 doors of Dublin.


An American architecture they are actually Victorian and Edwardian houses that were re-painted, starting in the 1960's in three or more bright colors to enhance their architectural details.  The term "Painted Ladies" was first used for San Francisco houses by two writers in their 1978 book Painted Ladies: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians.  The kit includes three templates of Victorian homes, and photographs to help you to create a colorful painting.

venetian carnival masks

The Carnival of Venice (Italian: Carnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy.  The Carnival ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, 40 days before Easter, on the day before Ash Wednesday.  The festival is world famous for its elaborate masks.  The kit includes a mask template, step-by-step instructions and photographs to help you create a a painting of a Venetian masks.  Feathers, glitter, sequins an ribbon are also included.

andre derain big ben 

Andre’ Derain was an artist, painter, sculptor and co-founder of Fauvism with Henri Matisse.  Although he is not as well known as his counterparts his paintings of London are an amazing tribute to his talent.  You will be re-creating one of his iconic paintings of the London skyline using different tools.  The kit includes a Big Ben template, step-by-step instructions and photographs to re-create the famous painting of the London skyline.

picasso modern art musicians 

Pablo Picasso is probably the most important figure of the 20th century art movement.  Before the age of 50, the Spanish born artist had become the most well-known name in modern art, with the most distinct style and eye for artistic creation.  There have been no other artists, prior to Picasso, who had such an impact on the art world, or had a mass following of fans and critics alike.  Throughout his long career he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics.  The kit includes shape templates, step-by-step instructions and photographs to re-create the famous painting of three musicians.

frida kahlo monkeys in paradise

Check back this art kit is coming soon!

vincent van gogh cow 

​Vincent Van Gogh was Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who is among one of the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western Art.  Van Gogh is known for expressing his feelings in his paintings, the painting style is called Expressionism.  The kit includes a cow templates, step-by-step instructions and photographs to create your own painting of a cow.

sponge bob squarepants   

Stephen Hillenburg was an an American animator who is best remembered for creating the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.  The animated series is the fifth longest running animated series and is popular with children and adults alike.

History of animation

Stay at Home Art Kit coming soon!  This is a unique art project where you will be able to design and paint your own washable face mask!

at home art kits