Parents voted jamie's painting & Design most loved art studio for 2019 for the second

year in a row

"It went super today!"

I can't wait to show you....the kids loved it!  Today was probably one of my favorite days teaching ....the kids were so into the art (project) and so excited (to paint) on wood.....I never would have thought of wood, the kids thought it was so important and special, I felt like crying!"

~ Mrs. Shoemake, Lake Forest Elementary School

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"It's not fine's fun art."

Bethany Crouch visited one of my workshops in June of 2017 as a part of CBS Good Day Sacramento.  The kids were participating in a Lego Batman Movie Art Workshop.

"allie had the best time at camp this week!"

I absolutely loved all the art projects.  Thank you so much for starting her summer off right!!!

~ Kristen Forderer

"so far its been very well-received."

"....the resulting  artwork has been great.  It has been a good thing on multiple levels.  It's a challenging art program delivered by parents, which offers more art opportunities for the school and another wonderful way for parents to be involved in their children's education"

            ~ Bruce Peters, Principal of Lake Forest Elementary

Since I was a very little I have been painting, drawing & creating art.  After graduating from SJSU with a Computer Arts degree I went to work in the game industry and then educational software.  

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classes, workshops & co-ops

Jamie's Painting & Design teaches art classes in a private studio in El Dorado Hills.  I offer art classes, Summer Art Classes at local Elementary Schools in the area.

My Student's Artwork

"I always had a dream of having a

place where my students art

could be displayed."

            ~ Jamie Lentzner on Good Day Sacramento (2/19/20)

About Jamie's Painting & design

My students work extremely hard on their projects.  Their creativity always makes me proud.  Click here to check out some of their artwork.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic , Jamie's painting & design art studio is open for small private art lessons.  The studio has been reconfigured with individual work spaces to follow the scientific guidelines and ensure everyone's safety.

~ Miss Jamie, owner of Jamie's Painting & Design