2 children (13 year old daughter & 10 year old son)

2 pets (a dog and a cat)

Grew up in Pennsylvania

Lived in California for last 19 years

Favorite Color: Ocean Blue

Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese

Favorite Website: Pinterest

Favorite Vacation Destination: Any place with a beach

Special Art Talent: Not afraid to try get messy or try something new

Tara Wister

abigail lentzner 

meet the teachers​

Jamie Risdon Lentzner

Junior at ORHS

4 pets (rabbit  & 3 dogs)

Born in Burlingame, California

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Anything from Chic-fil-A

Favorite Hobby: Snowboarding, making art & dog training

Favorite Vacation Destination: Italy

​Special Art Talent: Help art students if they are struggling with their art 


2 children (19 year old son & 16 year old daughter)

4 pets (a rabbit & 3 dogs)

Computer Arts Degree from San Jose State

Moved to El Dorado Hills 7 years ago

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Food: Chicken Ramen

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things & Speechless

Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere in Europe

Special Art Talent: Adding glitter to any piece of art makes it immediately better