summer art workshops

These Art Workshops are 2 hours per day over 3 consecutive days

(Usually Tuesday - Thursday).  The students will create a very detailed art project each day & given a light snack and drink.

Each Art Workshop has a theme that will follow through the entire three days.  My studio is decorated, the snacks are within the theme, and of course the art projects are all about the theme.

Some of the themes I have done over the past five years years include Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy, Cinderella, and Super Heroes, Star Wars, Zootopia, Moana, The Batman Lego Movie and The Incredibles 2.

These Workshops sell out fast, as I only have a limited amount of space for students.  If you are interested please drop me a note and I will keep you updated when the schedule is available.

The cost is $90 and includes all art supplies, a light snack, and a drink.  A deposit of $25 is needed to hold a spot for a class.  No refunds once the deposit is made as I will be using the deposit to purchase supplies.​

​Our 2019 Summer Art Workshops will be be chosen in February.  Check back for updates.

​~ Miss Jamie