The History of the color Wheel art curriculum

After volunteering in my children’s classes teaching two different art programs in four years, I realized I could do a better job.  In the Fall of 2013, I decided to open my own art studio.  Having spent numerous hours researching artists, experimenting with different mediums, I did not know it at the time, but this became the basis for my Color Wheel Art Curriculum. 
In January of 2018, at the suggestion of the PTC president for Lake Forest Elementary, I embarked on a major project to bring my art lessons to life.  My goal was to develop an art curriculum that would support TK through 5th grade, introduce a variety of new artists, and expand the types of mediums and techniques for the students.  

When developing an art curriculum, I found three key areas that needed to be enhanced.  First, I needed to ensure that the program was in-line with the current California Department of Education Visual Art Standards.  What I found is that the curriculum being taught was extremely outdated.  Second, I wanted to include historical figures into at least one art lesson, per grade.  This came as a suggestion from a teacher-friend that it would only reinforce what was being taught in other subjects.  Third, I wanted to introduce new art mediums for the children to experiment with.  The other programs I worked with had the students working only on paper and with limited art supplies.  I wanted to introduce other mediums like cardboard, wood, ceramic, Paper Mache, pastels, and even painting on actual canvases.  

In September of 2018 Lake Forest Elementary was the first school to pilot the Color Wheel Art Curriculum for all grades.  The art lessons were to be taught by teachers and parent volunteers (Art Docents).  The teachers, the parents and most importantly the students have overwhelmingly enjoyed their art experience and their finished art projects.  Due to the success of the pilot, I intend introduce the program to more schools in 2019.

If you would like more information on the Color Wheel Art Curriculum please feel free to contact me.

Jamie R. Lentzner