Zootopia ARt Workshop

Imagine a world with no humans and animals from all over the globe live together in a place they call Zootopia.  The students were introduced to our own Zootopia in Jamie's Painting & Design's studio.  They used high quality art supplies, like; acrylic paints, artist canvases, pastels, water colors & of course glitter.

​The workshops sold out quickly & we had a wait list before school was even out.  The studio was decorated with larger than life paintings of the animals that called Zootopia their home.  Each student created a Jenny Hopps or Nick Wilde mask, a painting of Judy & Nick, a painting of Clawhauser or a painting of the Zootopia sky line.   We had a very full house & cooled off with popsicles & ended the day with some candy.....just because. 

"We may be evolved but deep down we are still animals"

~ Miss Jamie